Blacksburg Crime Report Analysis April 2011

Each week, the Blacksburg Police Department releases crime reports online that are distinguished by 68 possible types of crimes. For the month of April, however, only 16 of these types of crimes were reported: larceny, larceny from vehicle, larceny of vehicle parts, public intoxication, damaged property, aggravated assault, assault, drug possession, burglary, DUI, underage alcohol possession, fraudulent activities, robbery, shoplifting, trespassing, and forgery.

After reviewing Blacksburg crime statistics and reports over the course of the month of April, I have come to the following conclusions and inquiries:

There were a total of 195 crime reports released. Forgery was the most infrequent crime, while larceny outnumbered the other types of crimes by 53 reports. Through this finding, I’d have to wonder if larceny is related to college students at Virginia Tech trying to find a way to get by in the town of Blacksburg, or if this is a common understanding in most towns. 

Public intoxication was the next big issue, in which 43 arrests were made. I also associated this number with college students because alcohol tends to pose a problem in college environments. Even so, underage alcohol possession crimes were not issued frequently.

I found it interesting that damaged property crimes were so high- at 34 reports. Could these damages be related to leased housing and residential units in the area?

At 19 reports, assault was the fourth biggest crime. The crimes were rather scattered in their locations, as I struggled to make any correlations.

Finally, at the 3100 Block of Prices Fork Rd., fourteen crime reports were issued. This happened to be the biggest hot spot for crimes in the month of April. Is this location a low-income area? Is neighborhood watch in action?

Overall, crimes varied in their locations and by types, but the statistics did not surprise me, or at least, they did not stand out to me as anything out of the ordinary. To get a better understanding of where the town of Blacksburg stands in its relation to crimes, I could always study neighboring towns and compare statistics, frequencies, and locations.


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