Easter Egg Hunt for Rescued Pets

An unusual Easter Egg Hunt at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Blacksburg, Va., inspired dozens of children and community members to give back to the Montgomery County Humane Society.

Purina Cat Chow for the older kids to find

“We found this to be a terrific project because the kids got it. They really understood what they were doing,” said Karen Hager, the Director of Religious Education.

The project collected donations; such as, toys, bowls, food, litter and cleaning products listed on the Humane Society’s wish list, for four weeks. Its biggest feature, however, was the egg hunt. Nearly 500 plastic eggs were filled with dog treats and cat treats by the children to hunt for on Easter Sunday.

“We have a couple children here who have taken the religious education classes to heart and started volunteering for the Humane Society. That was kind of an inspiration to us,” said Hager.

This young man holds up a prized egg he found

She informed the kids ahead of time that the eggs were not going to be filled with candy, but doggy treats instead this year. They didn’t seem to mind.

“I felt really good about it, and I can’t wait till all the things get going,” said egg hunter and Humane Society volunteer, Benjamin Lally. “We got a lot of stuff.”

Lally started working with pets at the shelter two weeks ago.

“It’s a fun activity because as soon as you walk in the room, they are all whining and barking, and they have the things on the door that tell you what and where they came from. You are also allowed to go in the cages,” he said.

But the hunt wasn’t just about the animals. Five special eggs held a ticket inside, in which the children who found them received a choice from a selection of stuffed animals.

The kids bring their eggs back

“They’re having fun while they’re helping the pets,” said Hager.

She said the church already has social action committees in place that are helping with other organizations, so why not do something different?

“We’re all cat lovers and we’re all dog lovers,” Hager said.

Contributions were taken to the Montgomery County Humane Society immediately after the hunt. William Thomas, another recent volunteer at the shelter, rode along with his family to help.

“I’m thinking about going back [to the shelter] today, if I have the time,” Thomas said.

He is a proud owner of two cats, and hopes to adopt a dog from the shelter in the future.

Hager said the event went from one to get the kids involved, to one that captivated the adults into action. After receiving much positive feedback, she plans to host a second Easter Egg Hunt for rescued pets next year.

The nursery students gather for a picture




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