Radford Circuit Court Hearing April 21, 2011

On April 21, 2011, Gloria Jo Chavarria pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and battery in the City of Radford’s Circuit Court.

“I would just ask that you go by any judgment you feel is right,” she said.

In the event of her crime (dated July 27, 2010), Chavarria was found intoxicated outside of a building waiting on a friend. When a law officer approached her, she demanded a light for her cigarette. He would not comply with her request, in which she began to curse and argue with the him. Soon after, someone walked by and offered her a light. The officer ordered her not to light the cigarette, but she did anyways and failed to obey his command. The officer than proceeded to arrest her. He handcuffed her and put her into a patrol car, where she began to kick at the officer, curse at him, threaten his life, and spat on him and inside the car. Her wreckless behavior continued into the holding cell. She later assaulted a second officer.

Chavarria accepted and agreed to all terms that she would be subjected to should she be found guilty in court.

In the end, she was charged with a felony and sentenced to two counts of five years in a state penitentiary with a suspension time of four years and four months. She was fined $200 and an additional $1,065. She will be on supervised probation for four years after she has completed her time. 

The officers did not wish to appear in court to testify.

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In the words of the first computer programmer's language, "Hello World!" My name is Holly Collins. I'm from the east coast representing the nation's capital in Washington, D.C. Currently, I'm a student at Radford University studying Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Art. Just wait until I put my pen to paper. "My life is ridiculous, humiliating, confusing, deceitful, dramatic, unpredictable, typical; to sum it all up, my life is AMAZING."
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