Democratic Senator John Chap Petersen

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             John Chap Petersen was born and raised as a leader in his hometown community of Fairfax, Virginia. He applied himself into politics early and served two terms on council after graduating from Williams College in 1990 and University of Law School in 1994. In 2001, Petersen was elected to the 37th house district seat as a house delegate. He used this opportunity to open a DMV service at City Hall in Fairfax (one of his greatest accomplishments) when he was promoted to Minority Whip. His political journey, however, was only just beginning.

In 2007, Petersen chose a more personal approach for his campaign and knocked on over 18,000 doors. His strategy paid off. He was elected to the 34th Senate district, in which he earned a seat in both the Virginia House and Virginia Senate.  Petersen was also assigned permanent standing committees on Transportation, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Privileges and Elections, and General Laws, as well as the Senate’s representative on a state commission on Energy and Environment. Some of his most successful bills include SB 450 which forbids domestic abusers from inheriting the property from spouses that they killed and SB 510 which guaranteed Virginia college students the right to a fairly priced student loan.

Currently, Petersen is a member of board of directors at the Fairfax County good news jail ministry. He is a member of the Fairfax Noonday Optimist Club, the Northern Virginia Rugby Football Club, the Truro Episcopal Church, and he is a board member of the Virginia Economic Bridge.

Petersen is a husband, a son, a friend, and a father of three. He has big plans for the future and hopes to continue supporting the same community he grew up in.  

Here are some of the bills Petersen sponsors:

Legislation as Chief Patron

Legislation as Chief Co-Patron

Legislation as Co-Patron



His blog Ox Road South, can be found on

Virginia Assembly Petersen Info.

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