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Photo by: Holly Collins
Evan Wecksell (right) and student Ricky Kresslein (left), perform as a team in an act called “I’m the Boy on the Internet.”

Upon returning to Radford University for the second time, comedian Evan Wecksell kicked off the school year with a room full of belly laughs at the Bonnie Tuesday evening.“I had no idea I was going to laugh that hard!” junior Nathalie Reinharz, “Tally Tots,” said.

Wecksell exercised close-to-home humor using song improvisation. One antic in particular featured the “Top Ten Things at Radford.” Quadfest was a given at number 10, but number one stressed the fact that we “are not Virginia Tech!” Recognizing the audience’s small-town school pride earned him utmost respect.

As a Theta Chi Alumni from Tufts University, Wecksell spent much of his visit at RU getting to know the Theta Chi fraternity (recall his number seven in the countdown). The brothers helped him take notes for inspiration in his act. They were more than pleased to hear him use feedback from their fraternity in his performance.

“Evan Wecksell is the funniest comedian I have seen in my three years at Radford, and being part of his show was a blast,” Ricky Kresslein, a senior and a brother of Theta Chi said after participating in Wecksell’s gig.

Following in the steps of mentor Jon Bon Jovi, Wecksell has practiced comedy for eight years. His journey began after he graduated from college with an eight-week comedy class in NYC. Since then, he has appeared on a number of popular television shows including “America’s Got Talent,” “VH1’s I Love the 80s,” Syfy’s reality show “Chase” and “E! Television.” Even so, Wecksell claims that his career is far from over.

He is working on a multi-character act called “College the Musical: A Musical about College” with his wife. Wecksell also just released his first album this year, LOL, which debuts 16 hilarious tracks. He hopes to eventually have his own traveling TV show or sitcom one day, but in the meantime is enjoying every aspect of his work.

“Comedy doesn’t feel like a job to me. I get to pick where I want to go,” Wecksell said.

Wecksell said that the most rewarding part of being a comedian is “knowing that I gave the audience their money’s worth.” Simply making someone smile can be the most honorable sensation on stage.

For more information on Evan Wecksell and where to trace his next show, visit: http://www.evanwecksell.com.

Links to his twitter and facebook are available on his homepage.


LOL is also accessible through iTunes and Amazon.


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